Born in 1973 in Hungary, Tamas Dobos is a professional photographer, now living in Cologne.
He graduated from The Hungarian University of Theatre and Film in 2009 and is now studying part-time in Doctor of Liberal Arts (D.L.A.) in Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) and Köln International School of Design (KISD).
He has worked as a photographer and director of photography (D.O.P.) since 1998. Working on both personal and commissioned projects, his work has been displayed internationally in various campaigns, galleries and festivals.

Galleries and festivals:
Next Art Gallery 2013, 2014,2015,2016
Ateliers Pro Arts Gallery (A.P.A.) 2013
BRAFA, Brussels Antiquies and Fine Arts Fair, 2013
Galerie der Patton Stiftung, Saarbrücken, 2012
Central Slovakian Gallery, 2012
Erdész Gallery, 2012
ArtMarket, Budapest 2012, 2011
Ludwig Museum 2011('MUNKÁCSI MOVEMENT'),
G13 gallery, Budapest (2010);
Institut Hongrois de Paris(2010) Paris,
Hungarian Cultural Centre, London(2010)
Hungarian National Museum, Budapest (2009, 2010);
Republic of Art gallery, Budapest (2008); Hungarian Film Parade, Budapest (2004-2007);
Pfischter gallery, Budapest (2004)…

His clients and contractors include The Room, Marie Claire,Max Magazine, InStyle, Elle, Metal Magazine, Mad Dog Magazine, Pep! Magazine, Art Mafia, EMI Hungary, MTV, Mezzo TV,Trevorsorbie London, Bose Collins London, Pure Mint Recordings London,Meinl (Project With Gergo Borlai), Adidas Hungary, Davidoff Hungary, Nissan, Anh Tuan, Je suis belle, Nanushka, Sandorlakatos, Use, Hair Club, K&H Bank, Mol, Ogilvy Budapest, TBWA Budapest,ACG Hey,Umbrella,Telekom,Telenor, Vodafone, Universal Hungary, Nespresso, HBO

Prizes/Awards: Best Documentary Film,Films Critics Prize (2013 ),
Best Cinematographer in Hungary 2014, Films Critics Prize (2010); Best Feature Film Cinematographer in Hungary, Golden Eye Cinematographer Festival, Budapest (2009); Best short film prize at the Hungarian Film Festival (2007); Best D.O.P at Tü Foka Festival (2006); 1st and honorary Panavision prize at the Golden Eye Festival (2006)…